Happy Friday everyone!

I haven’t done one of these posts in a couple of weeks because I have just been so busy. I actually haven’t done much posting at all if I’m honest. And it’s made me reassess, in part why I’m blogging, and what content I’m blogging about, because I have been really enjoying spending more time out and about and just living my life in general. So, no decisions about that yet but there may be some changes coming.

Martial arts | A couple of friends convinced me to join their martial arts class, which is focussed on swordsmanship. Same kinda thing as fencing, only with longswords instead. I was a little dubious but it was a lot of fun actually.

Night out | Saturday night I went out dancing and had a few drinks with a friend which was so much fun. I haven’t done that in ages so it was great to get out.

Volunteer Week | It’s National Volunteer Week and so the Zoo put on a cocktail night to thank all us volunteers which was lovely.

After work drinks | After work Wednesday night (and before the movies) a friend and I caught up for a couple of well needed drinks. It’s just been one of those weeks and we really needed to have a quick catch up, vent and debrief so it was great.

Chicks at the Flicks | Wednesday night was girls night at the movies, we saw Snatched with Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn. It was pretty funny actually, mind you it probably helped that I’d had a couple of drinks before the movie started.

Impromptu lunch | Yesterday a friend and I decided that, spur of the moment, we’d go to the pub for lunch. We hadn’t caught up just the two of us for a long time so it was good to have a bit of a chinwag.

With going out a couple of times during the week and being out on the weekend as well, it kinda cuts down how much blogging I can do…and still be able to do things like read a book! So I’ll be focussing a bit on what I can cut from my blogging schedule to make it a bit more manageable and balanced.


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