The initial post I wrote about this has the rules and my detailed goals and rewards to help keep me on track. Feel free to review them in detail, and if you would like to join in you are more than welcome to!

Goals and Rewards

  • Big goal: Get down to an Australian size 10
    • Reward: Buy a new bikini
  • Big goal: Pole dance routine and hold a chopper for 5 seconds
    • Reward: A few hours at a day spa
  • Interval goal: Healthy eating 4/7 days a week for 4 weeks
    • Reward: Buy something for me, value approximately $20
  • Interval goal: Lose 10kg, bringing me down to 74kg
    • Reward: Buy a new outfit
  • Interval goal: Exercise 12 times in 4 weeks
    • Reward: Remedial massage at the physiotherapist

HL 2017-05-07Check-in

Goal Tracking

  • Healthy eating days: 4 out of 7
  • Exercise days: 6 out of 12

Rewards Tracking

  • Time till shopping: 3 weeks
  • Time till massage: 2 weeks


  • Weight: 81.9kg (-2kg)
  • Body fat %: 35.9% (-0.7%)
  • BMI: 31.9 (-0.8)
  • Bust: 101.5cm (-0.5cm)
  • Bicep: 35.5cm (-0.5cm)
  • Wrist: 15.5cm (-0.5cm)
  • Waist: 86cm (-1cm)
  • Hips: 111cm (-0.5cm)
  • Thigh: 59.5cm
  • Calf: 44cm
  • Ankle: 24.5cm (-0.5cm)

Weight change: -2kg

Change in cm: -3.5cm

Weekly Review

Though maybe some of my days were borderline in the health department, what was important to me was making sure I was making a healthier choice. So if I was going out for lunch, trying to have something healthier and only eat a “normal” amount. Or if I wanted a soft drink, going for a sugar free version. So I think in that respect I’ve done well, although I think I need to focus a bit more on just not having soft drink at all, and maybe trade it for water with a squeeze of lemon or lime instead.

I am pleased with my exercise for the week though I think it went really well and I got into it a bit, at the gym as well as adding a bit more variety by taking up a martial arts class with a couple of friends.

Daily Breakdown


  • Berry and banana smoothie bowl with banana and Mingle Stella seasoning
  • Vegetarian lasagne
  • Mi Goreng
  • Cup of tea with cookies
  • Sipahh straw with milk

This day was a bit all over the place, some healthier things and some just plain unhealthy things!

Monday (Healthy Day #1, Exercise Day #3)

  • Home made granola and berries with soy milk and a cup of tea
  • Home made veggie burger and Pepsi Max
  • Vegan/paleo/gluten free brownie with a cup of tea
  • Exercise: Dancing
  • Spinach and ricotta with tomato sauce and cheese


  • Home made granola and berries with soy milk and a cup of tea
  • Corn and black bean “pancake” with tomato salsa and vegan sour “cream”
  • A Tim Tam and a cup of coffee
  • Pizza, chips, garlic bread, churros and Coke Zero

I had a headache for most of the afternoon which I think weakened my resolve. Not helped by the pizza shop 50% off pamphlet in the mail. Stomach felt a bit gross afterwards.

Wednesday (Healthy Day #2, Exercise Day #4)

  • Home made granola and banana with soy milk and a cup of tea
  • Chicken Korma curry
  • Cup of tea
  • Exercise: Weights and stretching
  • Atkins shake

Thursday (Healthy Day #3)

  • Home made granola and banana with soy milk and a cup of tea
  • Chicken sartee with rice and Coke Zero
  • Vegetarian lasagne and Coke Zero

I took my team out for lunch today so I tried as hard as possible to get something that looked to be one of the healthier options and, given that a restaurant it’s probably still not that healthy anyway, to not overeat. I think I did well in my efforts which is why I’m still calling this a healthy day.

Friday (Healthy Day #4, Exercise Day #5)

  • Home made granola and berries with soy milk and a cup of tea
  • Spinach and ricotta with tomato sauce and cheese and Pepsi Max
  • Vodka and Coke Zero
  • Exercise: Dancing

Soooo the Coke Zero was left over from when I bought the pizza so I thought I’d put it to good use and mix the last of it with some vodka and then go out dancing. Everything in moderation, right?

Saturday (Exercise Day #6)

  • Health bombs
  • Exercise: Martial arts
  • Pizza and garlic bread with chocolate milk
  • Cadbury Black Forest Chocolate
  • 2 shots, 4 vodka and orange juice

The night out could explain why I’ve lost 2kg in the last week…Even though there was probably lots of sugar in the shots and the orange juice, not to mention the chocolate!


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