I received one of these eyeliner pencils in the April Nourished Life Deluxe Sample Box.

About the product

This is an organic and vegan eyeliner that uses natural plant ingredients as well as mineral colour blends which means that it’s suitable for everyone, even those with sensitive eyes. It has been formulated to provide a creamy and rich consistency that has a deep colour and staying power.


I’m not usually a fan of pencil eyeliners as I don’t find the always glide on easily and can feel like I’m practically stabbing myself in the eye to get it to go on. However this eyeliner pencil is more like a soft crayon which is great. The tip is still a little on the hard side but you barely need to apply any pressure to use it.

It goes on really smoothly and the colour is nicely pigmented, so you don’t need to scratch the pencil all over your lash line to get a nice line of colour which is great. I also found that it stays in place really well during the day, with or without using a primer, so this kinda ticks all the boxes for me when looking for an everyday eyeliner I can use for work for instance.


You can buy this eyeliner in a variety of colours direct from the Inika website for $29 per pencil, which might seem a bit on the pricey side, but is worth it when you find a good quality product.


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