I received a packet of these freeze dried fruits in the April Vegan Box.

About the product

Bite-size pieces of strawberry and banana are freeze dried and contain a hint of brown rice syrup for sweetness. The freeze dry process only takes 98% of water from the fruits so they still have all the flavour and nutrients from the fruit. This leaves sweet dried fruit with a crunchy but lightweight texture. The Fruit Bites are also gluten, dairy, so and fat free as well as being suitable for vegans. They also have 1.5 servings of fruit and only 40 calories per packet.


I admit when I first saw they were dried fruit I wasn’t overly impressed, mainly because when I think dried banana I think of those awful banana crisps you can find in the supermarket. Instead what I found in this packet were light, airy and crispy bites of dried fruit that tasted absolutely delicious. Perfect little parcels of delicious fruity goodness, I could eat them every day!

I had these Fruit Bites as a topping for my muesli in the morning instead of the usual frozen berries, and it just made my breakfast just that little bit more tasty (and a bit sweet).


Compared to fresh or frozen fruit as a cereal topper they are more expensive, each 15g packet costing about $3.01 from a store like Natural Health Organics. I did get two serves out of each packet, but still a bit on the pricey side. I would definitely buy these again, but maybe as a sweet treat every now and then.


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