My first Healthy Living post today is just to set a baseline to work from for the following check-in posts each Sunday hereafter. The initial post I wrote about this has the rules and my detailed goals and rewards to help keep me on track. Feel free to review them, and if you would like to join in you are more than welcome to!

Goals and Rewards

  • Big goal: Get down to an Australian size 10
    • Reward: Buy a new bikini
  • Big goal: Pole dance routine and hold a chopper for 5 seconds
    • Reward: A few hours at a day spa
  • Interval goal: Healthy eating 4/7 days a week for 4 weeks
    • Reward: Buy something for me, value approximately $20
  • Interval goal: Lose 10kg, bringing me down to 74kg
    • Reward: Buy a new outfit
  • Interval goal: Exercise 12 times in 4 weeks
    • Reward: Remedial massage at the physiotherapist

HL 2017-04-23Check-in

Goal Tracking

  • Healthy eating days: 0 out of 7
  • Exercise days: 0 out of 7

Rewards Tracking

  • Time till shopping: 4 weeks
  • Time till massage: 4 weeks


  • Weight: 84.7kg
  • Body fat %: 36.8%
  • BMI: 33.0
  • Bust: 102cm
  • Bicep: 36cm
  • Wrist: 16cm
  • Waist: 90cm
  • Hips: 114cm
  • Thigh: 60cm
  • Calf: 44.5cm
  • Ankle: 25cm

Weight change: N/A

Change in cm: N/A

Weekly Review

In future posts, this part of the blog will talk about any successes, challenges and the general feel of the past week. I’ll also do a Daily Breakdown where I’ll share what I ate each day.


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