Happy Friday everyone!

I hope you all had a great week. I’ve had the last few days off of work – making the most of all he public holidays at the moment!

Giraffe calves | Last Saturday night there was a giraffe in the US that gave birth and it was live streamed on Facebook, and I thought it was amazing to see that. But if that wasn’t enough, on Wednesday I did my volunteer day at Monarto Zoo and our giraffe Myeisha gave birth and I got to see it with my own eyes! It was so amazing, I can’t even describe it!

Easter | I didn’t really get up to much over the Easter weekend. My parents were away so there was no family time, but nevertheless it was nice to have some quiet time at home to clear out a few things and work in the garden.

Market | On Easter Monday there was a market on in McLaren Vale and so a friend and I went there and had a look around. There wasn’t heaps to see, but it was nice to catch up, and then later we went for lunch which was great.

Zoo day | Wednesday was my monthly zoo volunteer day, and I have to say Myeisha giving birth kind of dominated the day! But other than that it was nice being up there, it was a beautiful day.

I hope you all had a wonderful week, and if you would like to share the positive things from your past week I’d love to hear it!

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