I received a full-size bottle of this ointment in the April Nourished Life Deluxe Sample Box.

Rating: I’m undecided about this one…

About the product

This ointment is made from two ingredients; lavender oil to reduce redness and calm breakouts, and tea tree oil for its antioxidant and soothing properties. Together these ingredients target the source of pimples and help to eradicate them. It’s gentle on skin and doesn’t contain any chemicals that may cause reactions so it suitable for anyone to use. All you do is just rub it on the affected area after cleansing.


I don’t really get pimples, my skin is usually clear. Of course after making that statement on the unboxing video I woke up the next day with a couple of the damn things! Nevertheless I figured it was a good opportunity to test this out.

So, do I think it made the pimples go away any faster? I’m not convinced that it did. My experience has been any pimples I get they go away in about a day or so( as long as I don’t pick them). And that was my experience when using this product as well.

I haven’t had any more since so I’m not sure how often I’d get to try this product out, but I’ll tell you, it stinks to high heaven. Which is almost enough for me to just chuck it straight in the bin and deal with a pimple that lasts for a day.

I would be interested to hear though, if you have a bit of acne, have you tried this product before? How did it work for you?


This product can be purchased direct from the Nourished Life website for $18 for a 10mL bottle which I think is quite pricey, especially when it comes with such a potent smell!


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