I received one of these meal replacement bars in the April Vegan Box.

About the product

This bar contains a number of ingredients such as cacao nibs for a bit of a sweet chocolate hit, along with peppermint oil which make it a bit “fresh” in flavour and Japanese matcha powder for anti-oxidants. In addition to that there’s also dates, shredded coconut, cashews and coconut oil.


Per usual, I’m a bit skeptical about “health” bars like these. Most of them take like crap in my opinion because there are just too many ingredients and the flavours don’t go well together. With this bar I was thinking, chocolate and peppermint sounds delicious, but matcha (green tea) powder, how is that going to work?

As it turns out you can’t taste the matcha powder or the chocolate, and you only get an aftertaste of peppermint with the bar. Otherwise it mostly tastes sweet and kinda nutty, from the dates, coconut and cashews I think. I did like that it was soft and had a slight crunch from the cashews, that gave the bar a nice texture.

The only downside to it I think is that it’s quite calorie dense, so it seems to me this is a meal replacement bar. However, the bar is small compared to an actual meal, that I really didn’t feel satisfied after eating it, because it was gone so quickly.


Packets of these bars can be purchased directly from Naked Paleo for $44.95 for a box of 10 bars, which to me is a bit on the pricey side.


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