617526The Story

This is the second book in the Jack West Jr story and follows Jack, Lily and the crew as they continue the next step in their journey to save the world. As it turns out, the Golden Capstone was just the first part of saving the world. And when a counter ceremony is performed to remove the Australian’s (unknown) protection, it’s game on the find the six sacred stones and prevent the Americans from gaining all the knowledge, power and more.


What I really enjoyed about this book is that there are diagrams to accompany the text. Diagrams of secret caverns, diagrams of the images or puzzles I suppose that they were trying to solve. It really added another element to the story for me; being able to visualise what the characters were seeing in the book.

This is most definitely an action packed adventure story, that’s for sure. Set in a world like ours, but has a touch of magic to it, hence the capstone, and sacred stones and all. And while I do find the action scenes a bit on the thrilling side, they are quite unrealistic which spoils it a little for me.

I have to say, not listening to the audiobook made a world of difference for Reilly’s books. The first one in this series, the Seven Ancient Wonders, I listened to the audiobook and it probably wasn’t as entertaining as it could have been because of that. The accents sucked and there were no pretty diagrams to suck me into the story. So a tip for Reilly’s books, actually read it, rather than listen to it!

But, as an easy read, something that’s simple to digest, it has entertainment value and I’ll continue to read Reilly’s books because of that.


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