I received two of these nail polishes in the March bellabox which had the Raw Beauty theme.

Rating: Great colour, but cheap product.

About the product

This nail polish is made by the Total Beauty Network (TBN) which means it is cruelty free which is great. There’s a number of different shades, the two I got were “Dancing in the Forest” and “Jail Bird”. The polish claims to be quick to dry, scratch proof, high-quality and easy to apply.


I really liked the colours of these nail polishes. It’s rich, and has a slight metallic sheen to it making it really stand out. The rich colour also means that if pressed for time you could get away with just doing one thick coat, although two thin coats is better and it layers on evenly. It does dry pretty quickly which is great, I love nail polishes that do that, it means I don’t feel like I’m wasting an hour waiting for my polish to dry before doing something else!

I did find though that it doesn’t last very well. It started chipping off my nails within a few hours. Even my toes, which usually remain perfect for a couple of weeks, started chipping within a few days. So it terms of staying power I really didn’t think it was that great at all.


It’s a cheap product and retails for around $2.95 for one polish. I can’t find it for sale online but TBN have a search function on their website so you can look for a local retailer. I’d say if you were in a pickle and needed desperately needed a polish for a night out or something then this would suffice, but if you had time to select a decent one, I’d go for another brand.


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