For a while now I’ve been trying to decide how to best track a healthy lifestyle so that I feel a bit more like I’m holding myself accountable and so help me stick to a healthy lifestyle. Try as I might to find another blog that did goals and check-ins for this kind of thing, I just couldn’t find one. So, I decided to come up with my own thing.

If you think this would help you, please feel free to join in!

The Rules

  • List what you ate each day – it can be as detailed as you like
  • No calorie counting – it’s not as good as most people think
  • List any exercise you did – again it can be as detailed as you like
  • Goals! – remind yourself each week what your goals are
  • Rewards – remind yourself each week what your reward will be when you reach your goals
  • Check-in once a week – my check in days will be Sundays

Goals and Rewards

My main goal is to have a healthy eating lifestyle. To me, that means eating healthy meals and snacks every day and maybe indulging once per week.

As a side goal to that, I also want to lose mass. Note that I say mass, not weight. Though it would be great to get back down to 53kg, I don’t think my fitness goals will allow me to do that, muscle weighing more than fat and all. Last time I was that weight, I was slim but not toned or fit. But, in saying that I do also expect that as part of this my weight will go down. So, my goal here is just going to be an interval one where my weight is concerned and I’ll start with losing 10kg which will take me down to 74kg. The size I would like to be is an Australian size 10.

In terms of fitness goals, I’ve never really had fit goals asides from wanting to be “fit”. But what does that look like to me? I don’t run so that’s out. What I really enjoy doing for fitness is pole dancing. I haven’t done it for a while but I’d like to get back into it, so my fit goal will be holding a chopper for 5 seconds and doing a dance routine to a song without getting winded. Oh and if I get toned arms, abs, butt and legs during that process, I’d be ok with that too.

Ok, so thinking about the rewards and what I love, but don’t indulge in very often. And of course, isn’t going to break the bank!

I’ll break the goals down into kind of mini-goals and assign rewards to those as well as the bigger goals.

If, in a 4-week period I eat healthy for 4 days out of 7 each week, then I will by something for myself; an article of clothing, an accessory, a book, a game…but something affordable, around the $20 mark. When I hit the 10kg weight loss mark I will splurge and buy a whole outfit, and when I get to a size 10 I will buy a new bikini!

If, in a 4-week period I go exercise 12 times (3 times a week on average) then I will treat myself to a remedial massage at the physio. My private health care will cover most of the bill making it affordable for me. When I can hold a chopper for 5 seconds and do a dance routine without getting winded, I will treat myself to a few hours at a day spa.

Every 4 weeks if I achieve those mini-goals then I will make them more challenging until I hit my goal, which may also mean reviewing the rewards as well, but I’ll see how I go to begin with.

My first post this coming Sunday will be to set the benchmark for all the measurements I’ll be tracking as part of this healthy living commitment. In the meantime, if you know of any bloggers that do this on a regular basis, I would love for you to please link me to them!


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