I received a container of this sweet food topper in the April Vegan Box.

About the product

Basically this is topper for food to give it a bit of a sweet kick. It contains ingredients like desiccated coconut, cacao nibs and powder, chia seeds, coconut sugar and nectar plus a bit of sea salt. It can be sprinkled on top of foods like yoghurt, pancakes or porridge and can also be used in smoothies as well, plus a wide variety of other options. Mingle have a lot of recipes on their website for inspiration.



I didn’t mind this actually. It added something a little extra to the meals that I had. I tried this one porridge, sprinkled on Weetbix and on pancakes as well. It provided a sweet kick, a bit like coconut and a bit like chocolate which worked really well on the porridge and Weetbix. I also liked the crunch it gave to the food, it helped to mix up the texture a bit more and make the meal that little bit more interesting. I did find though that sprinkled on the pancakes I didn’t really get the flavour hit. Mind you I also had berries and maple syrup and whipped cream on the pancakes as well, so that’s a lot of flavours to find it through I suppose.

I gotta say though, looking at the jar, one serve of this product is 1/4 teaspoon. And I have to say, what the hell? How on Earth could you possibly expect to be able to taste any of it when you only put a quarter of a teaspoon in a meal? My answer, you can’t. Fortunately one serving only has 3 calories so you can afford to be a bit more generous in your sprinklings, but still one full teaspoon of that is nearly the same amount of calories as a teaspoon of sugar… Just sayin’.


You can buy this direct from the Mingle website for $12.95 for a 120g container, which isn’t too bad. Though I’d encourage you to have a think about the actual health value of this given the serving size.


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