I received a bottle of this essential oil in the March Nourished Life Deluxe Sample Box.

About the product

This essential oil has been specially formulated as a sleep blend; to help relax and soothe you and help you fall asleep. It contains a combination of frankincense, chamomile, mandarin, ylang ylang and lavender to help you unwind.

There’s a few ways you can use it from putting a few drops in the shower as you’re having a shower, put a few drops into massage oil, or in an electric oil diffuser or a tea light oil burner, you can even place a drop on your skin as you’re going to bed to help you fall asleep.



I’m not so sure that this is something that has helped me fall asleep, but I do really like the smell of it. It has the calming scent of lavender and ylang ylang, but then has a sharp citrus twist thanks to the mandarin which is positively delicious. It’s a lovely scent that you can get lost in as it makes its way around the house. It reminds me more of a peaceful early morning wakeup call rather than something that would make me want to fall asleep though. But pleasant nonetheless.

I tried this a couple of ways, just dabbing a bit on the skin and a couple of drops in the shower cavity, but I think the best way I found was to use it in an oil burner. The scent diffused better that way and lasted for longer as well.


You can buy this direct from the ECO website for $16 for a 10mL bottle. I’m not sure how good that is for value but I don’t think it’s too bad, a lot of the oils you can from places like the supermarket are a bit watered down I think so wouldn’t have the intense smell that this one does.


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