I received a packet of this super snack in the April Vegan Box.

About the product

This snack is all fava beans, otherwise known as broad beans, that have been air roasted, tossed in sunflower oil and the sprinkled with a little salt. It makes for a dairy, gluten and nut free snack that’s high in protein and fibre to help keep you full. As an added bonus the fava beans are Australian grown and “kind to the environment”.


In the last Vegan Box I got a packet of Get Farmed Chickpeas which were the same kinda thing really. Delicious salty, air roasted chickpeas. I’m a fan of these kinds of snacks, they’re healthy and tasty at the same time. The fava beans I found were nicely crunchy and a good alternative to a packet of chips. Though the packet is small, they are so filling I struggled to get through a whole packet and because of the protein content they did keep me satiated for a while.

The only thing I would suggest is, like the chickpeas, maybe try and make these yourself as well. It’s super convenient to be able to buy these pre-made but making them yourself you can regulate how much salt is used, or change the spices that are used to flavour the beans.


You can buy these from Get Farmed directly for $46.13 for 6 boxes containing 5 packets each, which is a pretty good price. Making them yourself will be cheaper but this is great for convenience.


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