I received a sample of this gradual tanner in the March bellabox which had the Raw Beauty theme.

Rating: Great product, really like it.

About the product

This product contains several oils such as argan and macadamia oils, plus green tea and cranberry extract to hydrate and moisturise the skin, as well as magnesium to replenish and protect the skin and aloe vera leaf juice and Vitamin E to improve texture and elasticity. These properties combined with the tanning aspect means that you will have a streak-free tan that is long lasting.

You can use the tanner once for a light glow or apply every day for a deeper, richer tan. It’s recommended that you apply after exfoliating so it results in an even tan.


I’ve tried a couple of different gradual tanners before and to be honest I feel they all suck. There’s so little tanner in them that it doesn’t add any colour to your skin. Or at least it doesn’t for me, and I’m pasty white!

Enter this gradual tanner… I put it on my legs for the first time after exfoliating with no expectations given previous experiences, then went to bed. The next morning I woke up and was pleasantly surprised to see that my legs looked like they had a noticeable tan.

So it’s not so much a gradual tanner in terms of using it every day to build a tan gradually, but gradual as in, it develops over a few hours. Personally, because I’m so white, just one use of this is enough to give me a nice glow I think. Though maybe in the middle of summer I’d up this to maybe two so I’m a little darker.

It is also fading really well. It’s not patchy, it’s not streaky it’s just fading nice and evenly which is great. All up I’m really happy with this product and it’s something I would consider buying in the future.


Nourished Life are selling this product on their website for $39.95 for a 200mL tube, which is quite expensive. But with one application to my legs, and I didn’t need much product, it has produced great results, so is worth it.


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