I received one of these facelift ice cubes in the March Nourished Life Deluxe Sample Box.

Rating: The cooling effect is nice, but the product is not for me

This product contains ingredients such as hyaluronic acid to help keep moisture in the skin, green coffee seed extract which is an anti-oxidant and helps to smooth visible lines, Vitamin C from the Quandong plant to reduce the look of dark circles and signs of ageing. The product also works to control sebum and lighten age spots and also contains Narcissus Tazetta Bulb Extract which can slow cell degeneration, plus many other ingredients that combine to preserve cell youth or promote cell growth and decrease inflammation.

To use the product, just leave in the freezer for at least 12 hours and then pop out the ice cube into the supplied muslin cloth and use small circles to rub into the skin until the ice cube has completely melted. Pat any remaining residue into the skin.

Don’t let the fancy description fool you, this is basically a face mask or skin treatment that you put in the freezer before using. The ice cube doesn’t contain any ingredients that you can’t find in other treatments, the only real difference with this product is that you need to freeze it before you can use it.

I was really curious to see how well this product worked, because it is different I was wondering if the freezing aspect would be more a gimmick than anything or if it actually did make a difference. I did find that the coolness of the ice cube had a nice calming effect on my skin so that was really lovely. The muslin cloth was soft and easily lubricated by the product so it wasn’t scratchy or anything so that was also nice. But the product itself I wasn’t too impressed with. It doesn’t stay as an ice cube for long, it turns to mush quite easily, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing as it still remained cool. Anyway, it was too thick for my skin and the excess serum wasn’t just a tiny bit that you could dab in, it was a monstrous amount. I think if I had this product in future I’d probably break it into maybe two or three portions and that would be sufficient. I found that it didn’t sink into my skin, it just kind of sat on top of it which I didn’t really like.

Overall, I like the idea but the actual serum that’s used I wasn’t really a fan of. It is also really expensive, Nourished Life sell it on their website for $24.95 per tub, or $179.95 for 8 tubs, so personally I wouldn’t bother. Rather, maybe put a regular face mask in the fridge for a while and then use on your face.


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