I received a sample tube of this facial wash in the March bellabox which had the Raw Beauty theme.

Rating: Didn’t do it for me

This facial wash is a soap-free cleanser developed to remove all dirt, oil and makeup from your face. Simply smooth over wet skin and massage in to remove all grime, rinse off and pat dry. As an added bonus, this product is also suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Being soap-free this product is basically a cream that you put over your face and wash off. Now I have used creams for makeup removal before and have found they do a (usually) decent job at getting it off. But they don’t deep clean the pores, I’ve always needed to wash my face with a soap cleanser to get the cream off and properly clean my face. I found that this cream doesn’t wash off properly, it felt like it left a residue on my skin. Then during the day my skin felt a bit gritty and a bit clogged right through my T-zone.

So for me, this product didn’t really cut it, and it wouldn’t be something I would use. If you like soap-free cleansers though and would like to try this you can purchase it from somewhere like Priceline for $7.99 for a 150mL tube which is quite reasonable.


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