I hope you’ve all been having a great week so far. Here are few things to help you get through the rest of the week!


Cognitive Surplus | I came across this website and it is so cool! They sell a range of science themed products from notebooks to glasses and mugs, as well as t-shirts and the like. I could really go mad here and buy so many things!

Broken Pencil Pot | Country Living posted an article about a guy in the UK who gathered a whole heap of pencil ends and turned it into pot made out of, well the pencils. Very creative I thought, and I guess it means none of his pencils get ditched!

Shorter Work Week | This article talks about whether or not companies can afford to let their employees have a shorter week. Or whether it would impact on productivity and cost them too much money. As it turns out, there are studies that show it increases productivity so much that employers can still afford to pay their staff for 8 hours a day even if they only work 6 hours. I think my employer needs to read this article!

Geode Hair Trend | Oh my gosh I saw this hair trend for the first time the other day and I am dying to grow my hair longer so I can try it out! Basically with your hair down it looks like you have “normal” brown or blonde hair, but then if you pin half of it up for example, you can see all sorts of pretty colours underneath.



Life as a Video Game | I thought this was actually a really clever way to explain human life!

If there are any funny, random or interesting posts/articles, pictures or videos that you’ve come across lately, I’d love to see them!


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