The idea of this challenge is simple, you just need to read at minimum 12 books that have been borrowed from the library. This supports the local library and is also much, much better for your wallet.

There are a few different levels you can choose from if you think you can do more than 12 books, but for this first time around I think I will stick with 12 books which is the Dewey Decimal level.

If you would like to join this challenge as well, you can check out the sign-up post over on Bea’s Book Nook.

During March I didn’t read any books for this challenge. Oh my, so disappointing! I have been trying really hard to get through a book that I purchased while on holidays and though it’s not a huge book it’s a challenging read so it is taking me ages to get through.

So that’s still only one book down and only 11 more to go for this challenge!

I’m just waiting for the next book I’m planning to read to arrive at my local library, so will hopefully be able to get started on it in the next day or two, but the book is…

The Sword of the Templars by Paul Christopher | I bought the second book in this series a while ago without realising it was the second book in a series! So I thought I would borrow the first book from the library and read that first. Plus as an added bonus it is also a book on the list for one of my other reading challenges; Wild Goose Chase.


The books I have read so far for this challenge are…

  1. Inferno by Dan Brown | I almost cringed when typing that… but I have to admit his books are kind of a guilty pleasure. As much as he says some of the books are based on actual fact, it’s more like his loose interpretation of fact. One example being the way he completely misunderstood Darwin’s comments about survival of the fittest. Anywho, I have yet to do a full review on the book, but it was the usual twisting and plot turning so entertained me enough!

Are you doing this challenge as well? How many library books did you read last month?


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