I received a sample sachet of this facial cleanser in the March Nourished Life Deluxe Sample Box.

Rating: Not a fan

This oil facial cleanser contains 14 medicinal oils which work to cleanse your skin. Some of the oils used include jojoba oil, almond oil and macadamia oil, all working together to do things like control sebum, promote circulation and nourish the skin. Oil cleansers can be good for dissolving excess dirt and oil on the skin, even dissolving any residual makeup and clearing impurities that may be deep in your pores. This product is Australian made, all natural and as an added bonus is cruelty free and vegan.

I can be a bit hesitant when it comes to using oil-based products on my skin. My skin is usually pretty well balanced but it doesn’t take much to push it over the edge. When I used this product, I didn’t feel like I was able to wash it all off. There are oil cleansers out there which still foam a little and wash off easily, but this one was nothing like that. It was just like slopping oil all over your face and oil being oil, it doesn’t come off easily. When I had finished trying to get the oil off, I could still feel some residing on my face and over the course of the day it just felt like it clogged my skin and it became greasy and gritty.

If you have previously had success with oil-based cleansers though and are interested in giving this one a go you can buy it from the Nourished Life website for $59 for a 100mL bottle.


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