This is a meme that’s hosted every Tuesday by The Broke and the Bookish and the theme for this week is the top ten authors I’m dying to meet.

It might sound odd but I’ve never really given much thought to what authors I’d like to meet. I might love their books and end up adding every single thing they’ve ever written to my TBR list but I don’t usually go hmm I want to meet them. Unless they come to Adelaide for a Comic Con or something like that and then I’ll jump in a queue to meet them!

So now that I have kinda thought about it here’s a list of author’s I’d like to meet.

  1. Robert Jordan: author of my favourite series ever, the Wheel of Time and unfortunately I’ll never get the opportunity to meet him as he passed away several years ago now.
  2. Brandon Sanderson: if only because he finished writing the Wheel of Time series when Robert Jordan passed away.
  3. George R. R. Martin: I did see him at a comic con kinda thing at Adelaide once but the line to meet him was so massive I decided not to queue up but to stand to the side and stare at him awkwardly instead!
  4. Lt. Gen. Roméo Dallaire: maybe he’s not an author per se given the book he’s written is an auto-biography of his time in Rwanda during the genocide, but I would like to meet him to shake his hand, for everything he tried to do.
  5. Jeff Lindsay: because I’d like to know where the hell he came up with such gruesome ideas for the Dexter series!
  6. Ian Irvine: I’ve enjoyed his books for several years and I actually missed meeting him by a matter of minutes at a comic con a few years ago.
  7. R. L. Stine: for sentimental reasons really, he was my favourite author when I was a kid, and I just find it amazing that he’s come up with so many stories.
  8. Anne Rice: she has just written so many books and, I think, she writes really well and about anything from vampires, witches, wolves and Christ, so she might be an interesting conversationalist.
  9. Stephen King: I mean how could you not want to meet him?
  10. C. S. Lewis: loved these books, again more from my childhood with the Chronicles of Narnia, but also another author I won’t be able to meet because he passed away well before I was born.

What did you have on your Top Ten list this week?


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