1737013This book follows the story of a group of super soldiers from a few different nations who are all charged with protecting a little girl named Lily. She and her twin brother are the only ones who can read an ancient language that will uncover the mystical capstone and allow one country to reign supreme. The bad guys have Lily’s brother so it’s a race against time to see who can find the pieces first and stop any one country from becoming too strong.

You know what I liked about this book, it made the Americans out to be the bad guys, the leader of the good guys is an Australian and it’s Australia that ends up with all the power…and the Australians don’t even know it! The story itself, while not an epic or a deep twisting plot, was action packed and easy to read. It kind of reminds me of a cross between a Dan Brown book and Indiana Jones, although Brown’s last book had a better storyline.

I found a lot of the action scenes and equipment to be on the unbelievable side, but that’s like most action movies you’d see I suppose. I also didn’t really understand why they believed in the capstone powers. What proof did they have? Had they seen mystical magical stuff happen before? Is the world they live in like a mirror of ours but with magic?

I had the audiobook version of this book and really didn’t like the narrator. I’m not sure where the guy was from but he really sucked at an Australian accent, and given the main character is Australian you’d kinda want to be nailing that accent. Tip for everyone out there, imitation Aussie accents never sound right, they either sound slightly South African, Kiwi or English. Don’t do it, let an Aussie do it instead.

Anyway, for an easy to read story that doesn’t require much brain power it might be worth giving this a go if you think something Indiana Jones-ish might be up your alley.


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