I hope you’ve all been having a great week so far. Here are few things to help you get through the rest of the week!


Headaches | I saw this article by a local physiotherapists office and thought it was worth sharing. The video is a bit long but has some good ideas for managing headaches without using paracetamol or other drugs. Unless it’s necessary of course!

Quiet time | According to this article if you’re a really busy person then you’re in even more need of quiet time. Whether you just switch off from social media for a day, or go for a bush walk or meditate, it seems like it’s a real good way of resetting yourself. Here’s a great quote from the article:

Recent studies are showing that taking time for silence restores the nervous system, helps sustain energy, and conditions our minds to be more adaptive and responsive to the complex environments in which so many of us now live, work, and lead.

Holding women back | The writer of this article, though she believes we still have a way to go to achieve equality is suggesting in part in tis article that women also need to pull their fingers out and stop holding themselves back. We need to have the confidence to ask for help or mentoring when we need it, to collaborate with each other instead of competing. I liked this article because instead of it being another article whinging about how shit the patriarchy is, it actually offers advice one how women can seize things and make a difference.



Leaving the gym after leg day | Does anyone else ever feel like doing this, or is it just me?!

Chocolate flower | This is so cool, it’s hard to believe this was all made with chocolate!

If there are any funny, random or interesting posts/articles, pictures or videos that you’ve come across lately, I’d love to see them!


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