I received a full-size container of this product in the March Vegan Box. I love chocolate and peanut butter so I was really excited to try a product that combines both.

This product is actually a powder combination of peanut butter, cacao and coconut sugar to make it a bit sweet. All you need to do is add water. It has 90% less fat than most traditional peanut butters with only 1 gram of fat per serving. It’s suitable for use any number of ways, on toast, with fruit or on crackers, in cakes or pancakes, or even on the pancakes, in health shakes.

I tried this product in a couple ways to get an idea of flavour and consistency. In a mug cake, because who doesn’t love a chocolate peanut butter cake, am I right? On a sandwich and just straight off the spoon. The consistency of it is fine, if you want to mix it into a paste and spread it on a sandwich, or eat it off the spoon then it works quite well. In the cake I actually just added the powder, I didn’t bother mixing it and again that also worked and was fine. So in terms of consistency when you make a paste and mixing it into something like a paste, it’s great.

The flavour isn’t as strong as peanut butter though. Or peanut butter mixed with cocoa for that matter. It’s still there, just a lot fainter, and in the mug cake you could barely notice the peanut buttery goodness at all when combined with the other ingredients, so it was a bit disappointing really.

If you think about just the fat and calorie savings with having this product instead of peanut butter (and cocoa if you like to add that), then it is worth giving it a shot. Just maybe not if you’re going to use it in baking, for that I’d still stick with regular peanut butter, just for the flavour hit. Shakes aren’t really my thing but I imagine it might be the same, and if there are a few other strong flavoured ingredients in the shake then you might not be able to taste much of the peanut butter powder.

For me personally, I would probably only buy this peanut butter powder for use on my sandwiches for lunch. If you’d like to try it out, it’s available for purchase online from a store such as Australian Organic Products for $14.48 for a 180g container.


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