25190This is the third and final book in the Sleeping Beauty series. It follows Beauty as she’s kidnapped by Arabs, whisked overseas with a few other sex slaves and subjected to all levels of debauchery you can imagine, and love every minute of it.

Generally I like Anne Rice as a writer, she writes incredibly well and weaves a pretty damn good story. I am trying to find something nice to say about this book… It’s creative I suppose, Rice certainly came up a few different ways to bugger someone, to punish someone, to use someone like a pony, literally.

As for the story itself, it was really thin. It’s basically like a porno but written, where there’s only a hint of a story for context, it’s just straight into the sex and basically it’s only reason for existing is because people want to see, or in this case read, about sex. The thing I didn’t particularly enjoy about the sex is that it’s all S&M which isn’t really my cup of tea…along with all the buggery. I mean one guy took another guys fist and forearm up his butt, seriously??

Let’s not even get me started about everyone being in sexual distress all the time, having orgasms all over the place, and the just general unrealistic nature of all the sexual encounters. But hey I suppose the book is meant to be a fantasy right? And it definitely is fantastical in that respect!

I should mention here that I haven’t read any other books in the Sleeping Beauty series, I had them on my Kobo when I was on holidays but they corrupted so I just went straight to this one. To be honest, I don’t think I missed much.

This is kind of like the Fifty Shades of Grey for the 80s I think, only mildly better written. Rice definitely didn’t put all her writing efforts into this, but then it wouldn’t be the smut that it is if she had!


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