8:06pm Qatar time

I can hardly believe the holiday is nearly at an end. It feels like it should just keep going and going.

Yesterday was the last day in Rwanda and on our way back to the airport we stopped at the Rwanda Genocide Museum. I was only about 8-9 when it happened so I don’t remember much from then apart from there being reports of strife in Rwanda.

It was really sad what happened during the genocide. It was like Hitler all over again, except nobody really put in effort to help them. It was just awful. There was a UN guy named Roméo Dallaire who was sent there for peacekeeping, but when he reported back to the UN in Washington and asked for help repeatedly, nobody did anything. There were just excuses and hands tied. The whole world failed Rwanda. I bought the book of Dallaire’s story because I want to understand more. I think it may be a devastating read, but I want to understand more about what happened and where the world failed.

Anyway, we got on the plane to Doha, Qatar, yesterday afternoon and arrived at about 1am this morning. It was so easy getting into the country. The guard didn’t even check my visa, just stamped my passport and sent me on my way. The came customs and all I had to do there was walk through a security beeper thing like what there is at the supermarket and that was it.

We got to the hotel about 2am or so, and it’s really swanky and comfy. So I checked things out for a bit, put the TV on and fell asleep about 3am I think.

It was a late breakfast this morning, about 9:30am. Then I rang and spoke to Dad for about 20 minutes before going up to the pool and just relaxed for a while.

Then our group had a tour booked for this afternoon which was just a tour around the city of Doha to see the highlights. The Islamic Art Museum was really nice, some really great, intricate works there. I bought a mug as a souvenir. I saw a few other places as well and I had a look around the Souq Waqif market. By then I’d well and truly had enough of Doha and went back to the hotel and had room service for tea.

It was quite an oppressive country I felt. Going to a mosque and amphitheatre thing (can’t remember what it was called), and hearing about the women and their lives.. The market and seeing all those women in burqa’s. And the men who didn’t even want to acknowledge my presence. Yeah, just this overnight stay was enough for me, I wouldn’t want to come back here.

I am looking forward to seeing my dog Izzy when I get home. And giving her lots of pets and hugs and probably even sleeping with me the first night back!


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