Happy Friday everyone!

I have been really busy with work lately, trying to get back into the groove, but have still had a few highlights during the past week.

Friends Engagement | One of my girlfriends got engaged recently and the engagement party was on Saturday night, so it was great to be able to celebrate with her.

Vintage Groove | I won free tickets to an Adelaide Fringe Festival event at a local winery called Vintage Groove. I took a friend along and we listened to the music and had some lunch, it was great to catch up. Some of the music was a little weird, but mostly good.

Public Holiday | Monday was a public holiday which is a favourite in itself, who doesn’t love a long weekend? I did a whole lot of nothing, it was great to relax for another day especially after my first week back at work!

Gym | The gym is becoming a social occasion, I meet up with a girlfriend at least once a week for a workout. So I’m happy with that, I’ve never been huge on the gym so it is great to have someone to go with sometimes to keep motivation up.

Pub lunch | I caught up with a work colleague for lunch on Thursday which was great, it was nice o be able to sit back at the pub and just chill for a bit over some food and a drink.

New tenant | So I was trying to sell my second house but due to some rather ridiculous circumstances have had to instead get a tenant back in there. The whole saga has been dragging on since May last year, leaving me very broke. Anyway, I had a call from my agent on Thursday saying they’ve had a good applicant who would like to move in straight away. So very good news, it means I’ll be getting money in soon to cover the costs of the house and I won’t be destitute anymore, woohoo!

I hope you all had a wonderful week, and if you would like to share the positive things from your past week I’d love to hear it!


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