3:54pm Rwanda time

Last night was interesting. I was feeling ok about sleeping at the lodge another night. I’d had the fire going since after lunch, hoping some bugs would stay away because of it. Plus I used Sue’s suggestion and rolled up a towel and wedged it under the front door to stop bugs coming in that way.

That was all fine, no sign of bugs. But, with the fire going, and not putting out heaps of heat, I thought I’d close the bathroom door so I didn’t lose any of the heat through there. It was the first time I’d closed the door. Being on my own I don’t close the door. It’s not like I need privacy from myself when I go to the toilet! Anyway, I closed the door and not long after, I went to bed.

I woke up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet only to find the bathroom door locked! I looked for a key everywhere, but could find one. Tried the key from the cupboard door, the front door, of course they didn’t work. I went outside to have a look at the window to see if I could open it and climb in. Nope, the window was glass slats, I wasn’t about to take those out. I tried the phone in the room which doesn’t work. So in the end I had to go pee out the back of the lodge!

This morning I went up to reception first thing, and they couldn’t find a key either so got one of their guys to remove the window slats and climb in through the window to unlock the door.

Today has basically been a whole day of driving from the lodge to a hotel/resort on Lake Kivu. It’s pretty nice, all the facilities look to be pretty good. The doors seal properly… There are a few mozzies but then we’re in Rwanda, it’s a forest and near a lake, so kinda expected.

The drive here was ok, the road was terrible though. Some of it was sealed road, and some of it was under construction so was just lots and lots of clay and mud. It was very slippery and slide – a bit intense when you’re slipping and sliding and there’s just a sheer drop off the side of the hill!


Because a large majority of the road we were on was a construction site there was of course construction equipment and trucks and the like everywhere, and apparently it wasn’t just us who were getting bogged. Some of the work trucks were also getting bogged. But that’s ok because there was always heavy duty machinery to help push them out!

It was a bit of fun to start but after a few hours you kinda get over it. It was nice to get to a place like the resort though, we’ll have some time here to do a bit of relaxing which is great.


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