160256-2In the final instalment of the Dark Angel book series, Logan is kidnapped and seemingly held for ransom but nothing is as it seems as the transgenics dig deeper into the gang who kidnapped him. Max and her crew race the clock to try and save Logan before his time is up…

The thing I liked about this last book is that there were a lot of loose ends tied up so it felt like the series had a solid ending. Max’s Logan-killing-disease was taken care of – in the last book as it happens but we don’t find out till the beginning of this one, so yay on that count. Ames White was (finally) taken care of, along with the rest of the Snake Cult. We find out that Sandeman was not only the father of the transgenics but also White’s father as well. Explains some of the hate there I suppose.

The plot was a bit vacant again though. There was an outline, Logan being a kidnap is a trap to capture Max instead. And kill her so that her blood couldn’t be used to create a cure to save ordinaries from the comet dust that would kill them all. No surprise the comet dust didn’t kill anyone, it was a bit of an anti-climax really. I mean when the Snake Cult’s prophecy is saying it’s the dawn of a new age and they’re believing that means it’ll kill the ordinaries, how about making the twist that it kills the Snake Cult people instead, or turns all the ordinaries into some kinda transgenics or some such. Not just yay it does nothing. Oh, and what was the point of saving Lydecker at the end? I guess it’s an answer as to whether he survived, but that served no purpose happening right at the very end.

So even though there were a few loose ends tied up, it wasn’t exactly a satisfying book to read. Especially with Alec not being a smart alec anymore, he’s more like a good little errand boy doing what he’s told. Definitely not him!


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