6:42pm Rwanda time

Well today was another interesting day. This leg of the trip has been lots of travelling to different destinations. Although Tanzania was also driving every day the countryside is just rich with things to see. Rwanda, all you can see is people. And lots of housing or fields with crops. And when you can’t see those it’s dense forest because you’re in a national park or something. Just every inch of this country is used by people.

The people are lovely, very nice and helpful. But there’s not a lot of wildlife to see while you’re just driving around. Not even many birds really. Though we did see one mountain monkey while driving through a national park, that’s about it.

I went for a forest walk today in the Nyungwe National Park. It was just to see the forest and be surrounded by it, but it was so rainy this morning that the trek was really, really wet. And of course because it’s all hills a number of people in the group fell over. Poor Karyn seems to have hurt her hip quite badly from taking a couple of falls.

I was ok, I didn’t fall down, though if I didn’t have a walking stick for aid I think it would have been a different story. I didn’t really get a chance to see much of the forest either which is a shame. I spent so much time looking at the ground trying to work out where to put my feet that I didn’t really get much of a chance really to take it all in, so I was a bit saddened by that.

We had lunch not long after getting back to the lodge which is good; I was starving. On the way to lunch I saw monkeys playing on the grass just outside my lodge. A Mum and a couple of babies it looked like, they were very cute.

In the afternoon, a few people went on another walk to see the colobus monkeys, but I wasn’t really that interested in seeing them. Instead I got a fire started in my lodge and dried my knickers in front of it. And sat and read some of my book as well, so it was quite a nice relaxing afternoon.

Tomorrow is another 7 hour drive, this time to Lake Kivu. We stay there for one night before heading to the Mountain Gorilla View Lodge where we’ll do the gorilla trek. That’s really what I’m looking forward to doing over here.


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