47068This book picks up after the second (and last) season of Dark Angel on TV. The transgenics have fled to Terminal City, it’s surrounded by the military and the army and if that wasn’t bad enough there’s also someone killing “ordinaries”. That is, ordinary human beings. Of course everyone suspects a transgenic, and Max, Alec and Joshua are determined to find out, along with the help of a police detective who may be their only ally in the outside world.

As a fan of Dark Angel I was so excited when I discovered these books because I desperately wanted to know what happened to the transgenics once they got to Terminal City. And of course whether Max and Logan would ever get to be together without Logan dying!

This book was written in a very simply way, it used a very casual, laid back, conversational approach. Which is ok I suppose but it’s not going to win the book any prizes for awesome writing. The characters seemed pretty close to how they were in the TV show, using phrases like “gotta jet” for instance, but I guess like most things authors will put their own flavour to it.

But it wasn’t just simple in terms of the writing, the plot line was also very simple and I’d say…kinda stupid. I mean, a transgenic goes around killing people so that he can make a skin suit and be completely human so that Max falls in love with him… The transgenic in question is like a chameleon so doesn’t need the skin suit to morph into a Logan double so I don’t really understand where the skin suit idea came from. I mean we find out that old buddy Ames White is behind it and has given the transgenic a drug that increases those feels and makes him crazy enough to actually do it. See? Kinda stupid.

So I dunno, I’m a little conflicted about this book. I liked it because I got a bit of a Dark Angel fix, although a bit more of the old smart alec Alec would have been good. But the story wasn’t really all there I didn’t think.


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