174716Sara restores ancient books for a living, and always seems to find herself drawn in and completely engrossed by the stories in the books she restores. This has caused problems for her in her personal life, especially with Karl, the man she has loved since she was a girl. He always gets left behind when she’s restoring a book and is frustrated she can’t commit to him. Will Sara be able to untangle herself from the story of the Aztec Princess’s quest for revenge so she can save her relationship with Karl?

This is a beautifully written book. It’s dreamy and eloquent at the same time. As a reader I was as engrossed in the Aztec Princess’s quest as Sara was before diving back into reality and feeling her pain as Karl is one step further away from her. It’s a relatively short read and I was entertained the whole way through the novel.

When I first started it, I thought perhaps Karl was just too controlling and Sara would be better off without him so she could focus on what she had a passion on. But as I got further in I realised that it was actually Sara who was treating Karl badly. He’d describe his feelings of being abandoned, or having her disappear on him for months at a time because she was too engrossed in her work. He was miserable with her but at the same time they shared such an intense connection that he couldn’t stay away. I felt that Sara needed to let him go rather than selfishly keep trying to win him back.

I also felt this book could have been split into two. One book focussing on the Aztec Princess, there was definitely enough of a story there for that, and then a second dramatic story about Sara and Karl. This would have needed to be fleshed out more, and maybe some of the elements of her work included, but I think the Aztec Princess at time overpowered the actual story about Sara and Karl a bit too much.

Overall though, I did enjoy this book, it was so well written and was entertaining the whole time I was reading it.


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