9:07pm Rwanda time

I got to have a bit of a sleep in this morning before heading to they airport to go to Rwanda. And it still feels like it has been a really long day.


George drove us to the airport and we waved him goodbye as we were getting on the plane. Then we had a stop in Mwanza to be cleared to leave Tanzania before finally flying to Kigali in Rwanda. After that we were driven to the hotel and given a briefing by the Primate Safari guys.

I got up to the room and had a shower and then met up with Heather, Jenny, Karyn, Carole and Michael to go for a walk and maybe find somewhere to eat dinner.

Heather came for a bit of a walk but when we were looking for somewhere to eat, decided to go exploring on her own. Very brave woman!

The rest of us found a lovely place to have dinner, they were very accommodating. The food took a while (going by “Africa time” everything takes a while!) but it was delicious and there was just so much of it, I couldn’t even get through half of it! It was a very, very fun night and there was so much laughing, it was just wonderful.

The Hôtel des Mille Collines leaves a bit to be desired. Honestly I think I would have preferred camping to the hotel room. The lobby is beautiful so I was thinking the rooms would be a reflection of that too. While some (only some) of the furniture looks to have been updated, the bathroom is quite old and very cramped around the toilet. I had been thinking about having a bath but there are these unattractive strips of tape down the bath to stop people from slipping when they shower. I didn’t really fancy having a bath and sitting on that though.

Tomorrow apparently there’s a 7-8 hour drive to get to Nyungwe National Park. I had no idea and am really not looking forward to such a long drive. I’m concerned about pee breaks mostly, and whether there will be anywhere to stop, like a convenient bush or something, but I have a feeling there will be too many people all over the place to do that.

I’m hoping I’ll sleep a bit better tonight, not being woken up by animals or storms. But Kigali is quite built up and there’s noise of a different kind. People in the hotel, music outside, as well as helicopters and such. So we’ll see, otherwise I suppose a nap in the car will have to do the trick.


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