2:58pm Tanzania time

Today was another early start. 5:30am wake up and at the mess at 6:00am for a quick cuppa before heading off to find animals that might still be awake in the early morning light.

I didn’t really see many animals to begin with. A few dik-diks and birds and a jackal. It had rained quite a bit overnight and in the early morning which, asides from making all the tracks very wet and slippery, apparently not a lot of the animals seem to like it when it’s that wet and muddy because they were all hiding!

The car didn’t like the mud much either. It was slipping and sliding all over the place which was actually a lot of fun. We got slightly bogged a couple of times and George managed to get us out. Then we really got stuck. So Hamisi had to come and pull us out. That was of course after we’d all gotten out, then stuck bushes under the wheels, dug the mud out and even tried pushing the car and got nowhere. Well, we got somewhere but very very slowly and we couldn’t well push the car all the way back to camp!


Once Hamisi and George got the car out we had our bush breakfast. Or rather, the rest of us had it while watching George and Hamisi get the car unstuck, and then they ate as well.


Then we were on the go again on to get bogged, again! The mud was worse this time when we got out of the car, I nearly lost my shoes the mud was so sticky. Again, all in good fun I thought.

Hamisi tried to help us get out again but I think the 4×4 in our car had broken so even Hamisi was slipping and sliding trying to get anywhere while pulling us out because of that.


Another guy, I think from our camp, came along, really hooning along. He tried to help get George’s car out by nudging it from behind, but it still didn’t help with the car’s 4×4 not working.

Then another car came along, they had a winch fortunately and that did the trick. What a lot of fun really, and I got some great photos and video of that.

Oh and I finally got over my fear and went bushi bushi. Behind a bush that didn’t give much protection either so I’m pretty pleased with myself!

After that we stayed out for a bit and we saw that cheetah again with her two near grown cubs. We saw the lion with her three newborns – thankfully there were still three! We saw another really fat lion who’d killed a zebra maybe earlier that morning, laying under a tree with some of it left over. Then she wandered off and a jackal snuck in to take a couple of pieces.

Then we headed back to camp for lunch which was the same as what we had the first day which is fine, it was tasty enough.

I had a shower after that and had to wash my pants in the shower, they were just that filthy from trying to push the car!


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