I hope you’ve all been having a great week so far. Because I’ve been on holidays I don’t have heaps for this week but hopefully this helps you get through the day!


Rainbow Fudge | I love fudge, it’s so yummy! And this fudge is rainbow coloured, what could be better?


10 New Reasons You Have To Quit Your Job | I don’t usually like these kinds of articles, and to be honest the first 7-8 points this guy makes I do think are rather doom and gloom and irrelevant to why you should quit your job. The last 2 points though about doing what makes you happy, that I think makes sense and there were a couple of good ideas there.

Humorous and inspirational pictures



Baby sloth | This video about this baby sloth is just so cute, I couldn’t resist sharing it!

Accupressure | I’m not sure how accurate this is but found it interesting anyway. Let me know if you’re able to relieve any of your pain using these tips.

If there are any funny, random or interesting posts/articles, pictures or videos that you’ve come across lately, I’d love to see them!


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