4:10pm Tanzania time

The bush breakfast this morning was lovely. There was cereal and toast, plus some other hot food like sausages. And tea, coffee, hot chocolate and even juice. It was quite wonderful.


We were up early enough to catch the sunrise which was beautiful to see over the plains and trees, and with the mountains in the background.

The highlights were seeing a cheetah and three lionesses with four cubs. Then we saw the cheetah with her two near grown cubs again, plus the other lioness with her newborn cubs, still under the same tree. When we first saw her she had four cubs, but now there’s only three which is a bit sad. But that’s the way it goes I suppose.


The really cool thing to see though was a serval. It’s rare to see one of those apparently. It’s such a lovely looking animal. They look almost like a leopard cub crossed with a domestic house cat.


When we got back to camp and had lunch there was just so much food. We had celery soup with bread which I thought was going to be it, but then another plate of food came out. I was already full from the soup so I couldn’t really stuff in much of the veg, but it was delicious as usual. If that wasn’t enough there was a small dessert which was like a raspberry pudding thing. It was nice but I was just so full!


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