3:26pm Tanzania time

There’s a bit of a storm here this afternoon. Lots of thunder. It’s now turned into just like a constant rumbling across the sky. It’s quite amazing really. There’s a few sprinkles of rain but not too much at the moment.

I’m actually liking staying in a tent for this. I think if I was in a hotel room or lodge, you wouldn’t notice it as much. The thunder, the wind, the rain, it would all be quite muted which would be a shame.

I should go out and rescue my solar torch from the rain and then get ready for the afternoon game drive. Then I still need to remember to write about this morning’s game drive.

9:09pm Tanzania time

Today we headed out to a Maasai village. It took a couple of hours and on the way I saw a few cool things.

I spotted the first animal for the day which was a black backed jackal. Now that is one cute animal, and very dog-like.

Then we saw three lions. One was a boy and I think the others may have been female but I’m not sure.

The Maasai village was interesting. We used their local shared toilet which was an experience. It was like peeing in the outback, only there was a hole in the ground to aim for and not much privacy at all. Just a couple of boards put together, which of course you could still see through. I think I would have felt more comfortable just going “bushi bushi”, at least then you have kilometres of privacy behind the car.


When we got to the village we were given a traditional welcome. And then we were allowed entry and the men did a traditional warrior dance. Basically chanting and the men jump and the best warrior is the one who can jump the highest. They were really fascinating and I video’d all of it.


After that we were given a tour of a traditional house which was very tiny and cramped and did not have much to it at all. It made me feel very grateful for what I do have at home.


We also saw their kindergarten and the children are so cute. The teacher didn’t look too happy to see us, but what can you do?


Lastly of course they tried to sell us stuff. Which I thought, yeah cool, something made by Maasai, but it’s not. The stuff they had was beads, woods, skins, that kind of thing. Some of it was lovely, but of course, can’t bring it back into Australia. Anyway, I did end up buying a bracelet. I was with another guy and we managed to get them down to $5 for the bracelet and $20 for the stuff Kevin bout. Not too bad considering what they were asking for originally.

On the way back to camp we saw an animal, a gazelle I think, that had been freshly killed and the vultures were onto it like wildfire. There were a few jackals trying to get in on the action. One of the got nipped by a vulture for its effort and that tugged at the heartstrings when it yelped because it sounded just like a puppy!


Then, as if that wasn’t enough, a hyaena came along and the vultures stepped aside and it ran off with what was left of the carcass. The jackals followed along trying to get what they could. It was very cool to see.


When we got back to camp, lunch was mostly the same as it was the first day. But there was a vegetarian sauce for the spaghetti so I had that instead of the gazpacho soup.

While having the afternoon break there was a lot of thunder and a bit of rain which made a lot of the tracks we used in the afternoon very muddy and slippery which was entertaining in itself.

I saw a cheetah while we were out in the afternoon which was amazing. Such a beautiful animal, so lean and graceful. We followed it for a while hoping she’d make a kill – along with about 24 other cars! But it didn’t look like she was going to kill so we left.


There wasn’t really much else except for a few birds. The guinea fowl are such funny birds, they just kind of flit around everywhere. It’s very endearing actually.

Dinner tonight was pumpkin soup followed by a fish with rice and veg dish, so I just had the rice and veg. It’s Karyn’s birthday today, and the chef made a cake for her birthday, and the staff plus one of the guides, Hamisi, all sand what I presume is a happy birthday song in Swahili. That was just amazing and quite heart warming really. So it was birthday cake for dessert.

Tomorrow is another early start, I have to be up about 6:30am for breakfast at 7:00am and leave at 7:30am. I’m hoping there will be a day or two somewhere where I can just be a layabout for longer than 1.5 hours in the afternoon. It would be nice to not have to rush first thing in the morning.


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