I received a travel size sample of the shampoo and conditioner in the January bellabox which had the Beauty Resolutions theme.

Rating: Didn’t really work for me

The shampoo and conditioner are designed to protect your hair against humidity and frizz for up to three days, as well as restoring the integrity of your hair. It contains things like amino acids to strengthen hair and a hydrophobic layer to protect the hair from humidity. It doesn’t contain any sulphates and so is suitable for colour-treated hair. The shampoo you user per usual, massage in and rinse out, and then with the conditioner, wring out (or towel dry) and put in the conditioner and use it as a mask, so leave it in for a few minutes before rinsing out.

This shampoo and conditioner actually came at the perfect time. We have had really hot weather and it has also been quite humid for Adelaide so it was a great opportunity to test this out. Sadly, I didn’t find that it did anything special for my hair. I’d wash it and it would be soft, but frizzy as all hell. The odd thing is that my hair isn’t normally frizzy, and even in humid weather I might get a little frizz but this was just heaps! It’s like the shampoo and conditioner made my hair so soft and fluffy that well, instead of just having volume it went straight to just frizz and sticking out every which way!

For me, this was a miss but if you would like to try it out you can buy it from an online store like Look Fantastic. The shampoo retails for around $35 (at a guess) for a 250mL bottle, while the conditioner is around $55 (also at a guess) for a 200mL jar.


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