Happy Friday everyone!

Ok, so it has been a good couple of weeks since I’ve done a Friday Favourites post. I have just been so busy that finding time to do any blogging has been a challenge. In part that’s because I’ve had a lot of work stuff going on, things to wrap up before going on holiday, and then things to actually prepare for my holiday!

So my Friday Favourites post this week may be a little bit of a long one…

Beach walk | Rather than going to the gym, it was a beautiful morning so a couple of friends and I decided we would go for a beach walk instead.

Lunch with Grandparents | My Grandparents wanted to catch up for lunch before I went on holidays and bless them, they gave me a little spending money which was lovely.

Dinner with a work mate | One of my work mates left the company a few months ago so we organised a dinner to catch up with a couple of other work mates and it was a lot of fun.

Zoo day | I had a volunteer day at the zoo which is always great, I learnt something new which was food prep for native animals – always good to learn something new!


Wedding! | One of my work mates who I’ve know for maybe 8-9 years got married which was such a beautiful ceremony! I used to work with her at my last job and she got me a job at the place I work now.

Dating | I’ve caught up with that bloke a couple more times, he seems funny and nice, I’m not sure that it’s going to go anywhere – I don’t seem to have a lot of enthusiasm for it – but am enjoying myself when we catch up.

Dinner with a BFF | I caught up for dinner with one of my besties, I haven’t seen her in a while so it was great to catch up with her and have some girl talk.

Work dinner | There were a few people over from interstate and international during this week so it was great to catch up with them for dinner and a few drinks.

Work..workshops | The reason people were over here is because there were a few workshops on this week and I was invited to join one of the days and found it really valuable so was pleased I was able to take the day off to do that.

Ladies Night at the Movies | A girlfriend and I went to the movie night this week, they were doing the latest 50 shades movie so we thought we’d go along and check it out. The movie was surprisingly, better than I expected, but the “goodie” bag was crap.

I hope you all had a wonderful week, and if you would like to share the positive things from your past week I’d love to hear it!


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