nightstandEvery month the bloggers over at 5 Minutes for Books do a post where they summarise the books they’ve been reading for the past month. Anyone can join in and below is my summary for the month.

I actually managed to read a few books in January which I’m a bit impressed by actually. The last week or so has been a bit slow as I’m rushing around trying to get things ready for my holiday, but I’m hoping that while I’m on holiday I’ll be able to get a decent amount of reading done!

Since my last post in December, I finished reading a whopping seven books, I think that has to be a record for me!

The book titles that have links go to the reviews of those books.

I have three books on the go at the moment which I am trying to get through before I go on holidays just because I like things tied up nicely and then on holidays I can just read one book at once.

  • Seven Ancient Wonders by Matthew Reilly | This is an audiobook I’ve been listening to and though I kinda like the story, I’m struggling to get into it because of the narrator, he’s not very good at Australian accents and given the main character is Australian it’s a bit shite really.
  • The Conquest by Yxta Maya Murray | A physical book that I’m reading at home, I don’t have too much more to go so should be able to finish this before I go on holidays.
  • The Skin Game by Max Allan Collins | This is a book I’m reading on iBooks during my lunch break at work, but because it’s not a cloud copy (or something, I’m not really sure), it doesn’t sync and come through to my home laptop. I’m not sure I’ll get it read just reading it at work so I might need to work out another way of getting access to read it at home.

I have an idea of the books I’d like to read next, but because of my holiday I’ll be basically just going with whatever digital books I have copies of on my phone Kindle app or on my Kobo. So although the following books are the ones I’m planning to read next for challenges and such, they may not be the ones I read while on holidays!

  • Knife of Dreams by Robert Jordan | What’s In A Name Challenge
  • The Sword of the Templars by Paul Christopher | Wild Goose Chase & Library Love Challenge
  • After The Dark by Max Allan Collins | Mount TBR Challenge

What books have you been reading the last month or so? Are there any books you’re reading now or are looking forward to reading in the near future?


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