17624504Mona is a young woman who thinks she is quite boring. After taking a redundancy package at work she sets about to reinvent herself and win the heart of the man of her dreams by hiring Mike, a chauvinistic writer for a mens magazine. Of course, you know what happens, Mike isn’t as bad as he seems, despite is protestations, Mona really finds herself, realises that the “perfect guy” isn’t the one she wants to be with and it’s actually Mike who holds her heart.

I hope I didn’t spoil this story for you but seriously, if you didn’t know where it was gonna go after the second sentence you’re not paying enough attention!

Ok, so despite having a predictable ending I actually quite enjoyed this book. It had a few funny parts, a few outrageous parts where you’re just like Mona what are you thinking?? Really though, have you ever seen the movie The Ugly Truth? It’s quite similar to that really. A chick making a fool of herself to win the wrong guy. But still, enjoyable and I enjoyed seeing Mona flourish, get a bit of backbone to stand up to her supposed BFF and realise that she’s actually not boring but a lot of fun and very interesting.

What I didn’t like were two things mainly. First was her BFF who was always negative and always putting down every idea Mona ever had. Worst BFF ever. The second was a strong theme that women need to change everything about themselves in order to get a guy to like them. I feel like it partly redeems itself by her and Mike falling in love, him loving her for exactly who she is. But it still makes me feel a bit uneasy when basically a whole book is devoted to changing who you are for another person.

Anywho, a light and easy read with some sarcastic humour that I quite enjoyed.


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