I received a sample sachet of this salad topper in the January Vegan Box.

The mixture is a combination of a few savoury flavoured seeds and nuts like sunflower seeds, chia and sesame seeds, walnuts, cashews, you name it it’s likely it’s in here! It’s pretty versatile as well, the website says you can do a whole lot with this product from throwing it on a salad to add a bit of flavour and texture, to sprinkling it on your cereal, in a cake, bliss balls or even a smoothie.


I only had enough in this sample sachet for one serving, and it kinda reminded me of a dukkah and so I thought I’d use it like I’ve used dukkah before and sprinkle it over some home made chips to be baked in the oven. It kinda worked. The fact it kinda didn’t work is totally my fault and not a reflection of the product. It didn’t really occur to me that perhaps some of the ingredients wouldn’t go so well being baked in the oven for 40 minutes! Anyway, the flavour was ok, a bit toasty, and the texture was good. I do like having a bit of texture on my chippies!

If you would like to try this and spice up your salads, maybe not your chips though… You can buy it direct from The Haus of Health for $5.50 for a 105gm bag (7 servings).


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