I received a sample sachet of this in the January bellabox which had the Beauty Resolutions theme. It was only a sachet though so I only got two uses out of it which makes it hard to form a decent opinion on the product.

Rating: It seems to be ok

The moisturiser uses a lot of natural ingredients such as aloe vera, paw paw and vitamin E which all work together to leave your skin nourished and feeling soft. It also includes ingredients such as chamomile to sooth skin and shea butter for hydration. It’s free from nasties such as petrochemicals and there are no added fragrances or colours. The moisturiser is also suitable for use on both the face and the body.

I used this moisturiser just on my legs, only because the skin on the face is a bit more sensitive than the body so I thought the legs would be a better test than the precious face! The moisturiser was light and easily absorbed, it didn’t really have a scent which is ok, though I do like it when there’s a pretty scent. My legs did feel quite nourished and hydrated as well, so all up my initial impressions of this moisturiser was good, and is something I’d consider using in future.

If you would like to try this you can buy it online from a store like Chemist Direct. It costs $14.50 for a 200g bottle which a tad on the pricey side, but not too bad.


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