I received a sample tube of this sunscreen in the January bellabox which had the Beauty Resolutions theme.

Rating: Not bad for use on the face

This sunscreen offers effective protection from UVA & UVB rays. It’s a liposomal lotion which makes it easy to spread the lotion across the skin evenly. It is water resistant for up to 4 hours, fragrance free, non-greasy and won’t block your pores. It also claims to be suitable for use under makeup.

I can be a bit skeptical about using sunscreen under makeup. Usually I err on the side of caution and just wear sunscreen and maybe eye makeup because all too often, I find that sunscreen just makes my face feel ick and gunky.

So I cautiously applied this sunscreen to my face, waited for a bit for it to dry and then put my makeup on per usual. Though I could tell there was an extra layer on my face, it didn’t feel greasy or like it was clogging any of my pores. That right there is a win for me with this product. The only drawback I found is that it is really quite thick and so I didn’t find it spread as easily as it claimed, but as it doesn’t feel too heavy on the skin, I figure, it’s all good. Personally though I wouldn’t use something quite so thick on my body, I prefer the sports or spray sunscreens that spread a bit easier and feel a bit lighter on the skin.

If you want to try this out, you can pick it up from somewhere like Priceline for $20.99 for a 100mL tube, which is actually quite pricey compared to a lot of other sunscreens, but it also has a higher SPF than many of them too.


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