Happy Friday everyone!

I hope you have all been having a great week.

Hairdresser | I had my hair done last Saturday, it’s a lavender/purple colour which I’ve been trying to do for a while. I say trying because I had to lighten my hair a couple of times in order to get the colour to hold.

Library | I joined the library over the weekend and borrowed my first book! I’m hoping this means I don’t spend so much money on books now that I can just borrow them instead.

Africa | I’m quite happy to say it’s now less than four weeks till I go to Africa. It’s been so long in the making I can’t believe it’s nearly here!

Gym with a friend | I went to the gym with a friend a couple of times during the week which always makes a workout more bearable by having someone to chat to…and be a bit silly with while working out!

Hen’s lunch | One of my work friends is getting married not this weekend but next weekend and so we had a Hen’s lunch to celebrate the fact.

I hope you all had a wonderful week, and if you would like to share the positive things from your past week I’d love to hear it!


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