I received a small tube sample of this perfume in the December bellabox which had the Summer Glow theme.

Rating: Lovely, fresh smell!

This perfume was developed by Kenzo Takada especially for Avon, along with the Life for Him perfume. I have to quote how the website describes this perfume because it is far more eloquent than I could ever manage!

A joyous blend of sensual violet, invigorating white tea natureprint, elegant iris flower and earthy patchouli exudes an undeniable allure that lasts all day.

It is a really gorgeous smelling perfume and something that I would definitely have liked a larger sample of so I could enjoy it for a bit longer! It is only subtle though, a little too subtle for my tastes, you have to really jam your nose right where you sprayed it in order to get a whiff of the perfume. I prefer a perfume that you can easily get a subtle hint of when you’re sitting next to someone or walking past them. Though to be honest, the subtlety of this one may just be attributed to the fact it was in a tiny tube and being dabbed on rather than being sprayed on.

If you’re looking for a lovely new perfume for summer, you can pick this up directly from the Avon website for $59 for a 50mL bottle which is a reasonable price for a decent perfume, though I would have expected Avon to be a tad on the cheaper side.


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