50788-2Joy and her best friend Roxy take part in a Goddess invoking ceremony to find their true loves before heading on their overseas holiday to the Czech Republic. The aim of the holiday being to track down vampires and prove they exist! The girls meet several candidates along the way including one Raphael who may or may not be the one the Goddess warned would put Joy’s immortal soul in danger.

Admittedly, this book was a bit of a guilty pleasure. Going by the title I wasn’t expecting it to be an overly serious book, especially not in comparison to something like The Vampire Lestat! And it wasn’t, it was quite light, there were a lot of smart ass one liners like:

Tense as a nun in a whorehouse (Joy, page 20)

Which was amusing. The story had me guessing throughout, there were a couple of twists in it, but to be honest they didn’t so much hold me in suspense as they did just pique my curiosity about how things were going to turn out.

There were a few things about this book that really got my goat. How the hell are these chicks best friends? They are so mean to each other! They poke fun at each others’ expense all the damned time, I just don’t get it. I was also expecting the love triangle might be a bit more like the Jacob/Bella/Edward love triangle in Twilight. Given the Goddess alluded to there being two men, one who could damn Joy’s soul, I thought she might have more of an issue trying to decide between Christian and Raphael, and we wouldn’t work out till the end who was the soul damning one. Once we found out early on that Christian was the vampire and Joy didn’t feel anything for him and promised to find his actual Beloved, I thought ok maybe it will end up being Roxy and because the girls were so close, it was just a proximity thing that he thought it was Joy. But maybe we’ll find out more about Christian in the next book? It was just introduced so early in the book that it felt like it was way too early to be setting up a story for book number two.

Anyway, I didn’t mind this book despite all that. Mostly I didn’t mind some of the witty one liners, some of them I could absolutely relate to and is probably what will keep me reading this series.

Life is simply too short to be stuck with a guy who can’t be silly once in a while. (Roxy, page 9)


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