I received a sample tube of this moisturiser in the December bellabox which had the Summer Glow theme.

Rating: Avoid, avoid, avoid!

This is a tinted moisturiser and SPF 50+ sunscreen all rolled into one. It’s suitable for every day use on the face and can be used for combination and oily skin. The manufacturer claims it is oil free, is non-greasy and provides a sheer tint with an invisible matte finish. It also claims to approve the skin tone and texture by helping the skin to maintain its natural barrier and of course protecting from harmful UV rays.

Oh my, this is possibly the worst stuff I have ever used on my face! It was was greasy, my skin felt so clogged up and disgusting, like I was about 5 minutes away from breaking out in pimples. It also didn’t have any tint to it. When the cream came out of the tube you can see the colour in it, so it looks like you should be able to see at least some colour on the face, but there isn’t any.

I’m not even going to bother telling you the price and where you can buy it from because honestly, it is that bad. Personally I would just use my normal sunscreen on my face than this product, it is perfectly fine on the face and doesn’t make me greasy or anything. So ladies, gents, avoid this product and stick with whatever you’re currently using!


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