43814We start this story by seeing the vampire Lestat where he is currently; a famous rockstar about to perform at a concert. Then we dive back into Lestat’s past, starting from his life as a human aristocrat and his disgruntlement in life. Wanting to be an actor and being turned into a vampire and searching, searching for others like him after making his mother and his lover vampires as well. Throughout Lestat’s history we also hear about how vampires first came to be and how Lestat may have just captured the attention of the first vampire, the Queen. Come back to the present and we understand Lestat has pissed off a lot of vampires, wanting to draw them out into the open and making humans aware. But will he just succeed in getting himself killed?

This was a really long story. Like, incredibly long. I enjoyed most of it, especially the explanation of how vampires first came to be, that was creative and very descriptive. I feel there was a lot that wasn’t needed, some of the scenes with Nicky, some with his mother, it didn’t really contribute to Lestat’s development. Despite that, Rice’s writing is descriptive and well-written so you can almost see the characters and the setting in your minds eye.

I feel like this story ended right as it was getting started. The final scene after the concert, and rushing away being pursued, and then it just stops. There was so, so much background to get through and then when you get to a real exciting part, the book finishes. Very unsatisfied about that! Another thing that I think could have been done better was the relationship between Lestat and his mother Gabrielle. There was a scene where they kissed and there was kinda really just that hint of incest. I think that could have either been left out entirely or developed more as a way of perhaps demonstrating how vampires are really not human anymore; human taboos just do not apply to them.

Overall though I enjoyed reading this book and would like to read more of Anne Rice’s books.


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