75032A modern woman by the name of Kat is transported back in time by a gypsy curse and desperately wants to get back to the time of latte’s and phone reception. Handsome knight Lancelot and the Queen of Camelot, Guenevere are keen to help her. Kat will need all of her modern day sass and wit to stop from altering the course of events and changing the future forever. But what happens when she starts to fall for Lancelot?

This book is a very quick an easy read. Though there are a couple of plot twists, they’re easy to keep up with and would make this book a good, frivolous read on a holiday break. What I liked about this book is that all the common speech that we take for granted now, may not have been recognised back in the time of Camelot. And that came through in the book, with the characters looking at Kat weird and having no idea what she’s talking about. I did like Guenevere, she was so young and sweet. And I really enjoyed seeing the bit of a twist to her story and how much she loved Arthur. The relationship between her and Kat was probably the best one in the book.

I didn’t really like Kat though. I get that she’s supposed to be an airy fashionista, but it was to the point of not being relatable as a person. She was quite judgemental, was a tad too ditzy and lied too much to cover her arse. In regards to her relationship with Lancelot, man I can’t help but feel she practically raped him that first time. She pressured him so much to sleep with her and basically didn’t give him the option of saying no. If it was a guy who’d done that to a girl, he’d be in deep shit. I also couldn’t get past the damn nicknames all the way through. Calm down a bit please!

Overall, if you don’t read too much into it and just take it on face value as a flippant read that you don’t have to focus on too much, then it’s not too bad.


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